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"an entity cannot be saved"


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on damage:
    attacker is a player
    victim is a player
    set damage to 0

    set {attacker::%uuid of victim%} to attacker

on death:
    if {attacker::%uuid of player%} is set:
        broadcast "{@logo} &b%player% &7was knocked into the void by &b%{attacker::%uuid of player%}%"
        delete {attacker::%uuid of player%}
        broadcast "{@logo} &b%player% &7died"
        delete {attacker::%uuid of player%}

the script above works perfectly fine, however i'm greeted with this message upon reloading the script.

is there a way to prevent this?


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It’s just a warning. Your code should still work fine. I wouldn’t disable it because sometimes warning can help you know why something doesn’t work. 

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