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Need a experienced developer for up and coming server (may include future payment)


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hello my name is saladbar or salad and I am currently looking for a experienced developer to help me and my other server owners on a new project, you would have to be willing to work with me and others and you would have creative freedom and liberty when it comes to some of our ideas but other would be strict. this would be a  it will be a hub like server with multiple options to choose from of games to play. we would have SMP, space RGP, a game mode similar to skymining called grinder, and others in the future. if you would like to reach out and communicate with me about this and like to know more information my discord is saladbar#0904 

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It just takes professional developers. I understand that, so I can tell you where to find them. I, for example, immersed myself in the field of NFT games and the easiest for me was here https://servreality.com/nft-blockchain/nft-game-development.html to find professionals in this difficult area and only so I was able to achieve the results I needed. I hope it will be as useful for you, thanks to a team of professionals I was able to achieve the goals and objectives I needed.

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