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Does anybody know a generator skript? Im looking for one in a server i am making and have looked at many other forums getting responses but when i tried them in game they didnt work... Here is an example of one i have been looking at but could not get to work.

on place of white wool:  #1
    set {gens::%location of event-block%} to uuid of player
    if {gens::%player's uuid%} < 15:
        add 1 to {gens::%player's uuid%}
        while event-block is white wool:
            wait 80 ticks
            drop 1 white dye above location of event-block
        send "" to player
        send "&bYou have reached your Gen Cap! &7%{gens::%player's uuid%}%&b/&715" to player
        send "" to player
        cancel event
on break of white wool:
    cancel event
    set event-block to air
    give player 1 white wool named "&7White Wool Gen"
    remove 1 from {gens::%player's uuid%}
    send "&aYou Broke A White Wool Generator!"


This one was made by somebody named LastMC.
I was unable to get that one or any other to work
correctly. I am unsure why but if anybody knows

I would love to have the knowledge shared with me.

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