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Unable to get into a certain minehut server



Had this issue arise for me recently. I am not the owner of the server I have been repeatedly been trying to get on for about three days now. The server I was on was on 1.18.2 and then switched to 1.18.1 in hopes of getting the latest WorldEdit running. That didn't work thus I reported to the owner. When I got on the next day I was unable to auto join with the barrier block that you give to us players when we are starting up a server and are in a waiting server with the space stuff currently with a rocket taking off behind us. I am able to get onto Minehut itself just not the specific server I want. I thought that it could've been an issue with my side so I tried some of my other friends' servers and I was able to get on them just fine. Those that I got on were 1.17.2 with WorldEdit for both. The mine hut server I want to get on has been running for a couple of years now and I am oped on it as well. The owner is confused with what is going on and he does not understand why I have no access to the server. We are yet to see if another one of the whitelisted people have the same problem and report back due to them being busy with other agendas. I have also asked in the Community-Help channel and it seems that I am not the only one with this problem of trying to get onto a specific Minehut server despite being whitelisted and/or oped.

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