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Is any skript addon outdated? like for example tuske or skbee


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Im having problem with skript, it wont work at all. the logs told me that one of the addons might be outdated. im thinking its tuske but if so, is there any good replacement for an GUI addon?. ive used Tuske for a long time and it doesnt seem to have any glitches or problems compared to other addons

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Skript has a built-in feature for GUIs: vanilla guis. Just look up how to do vanilla guis in Skript, and you should have a good start.

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skQuery is right out the window. Don't use that for GUIs. I would rather re-write the entirety of skript than use skQuery GUIs.

skript-gui can get the job done, but it will probably break due to a lack of support, and parse times can get pretty slow if you're doing a lot.

Normal Skript GUIs aren't perfect, but they get the job done. and probably won't ever break due to there being actual support for it. 


In other words? Use vanilla skript's GUIs.

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