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Ban Appeal from blacklist


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Hello, I do beleive this is not the correct spot to make a ban appeal but the ban appeal section on the forums is not allowing me to make a new post.


IGN (In game username): MattyF4tty

Why were you punished: I can't really tell atm but it says I have been blacklisted from joining Minehut and does not give any reason as to why.

Proof that you are not guilty: I can't really answer this because I have no clue what I have dont the only possible answer is that I was using a VPN because there is currently something on my intermet stopping me from joining mc servers without it.

Have you been punished before: Never

Thanks for reading please consider my appeal or atleast tell me why I have been banned.

minehut blacklist.png

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Sorry to hear about your recent punishment

We want to help but our Support Team can help you better. If you recently contacted them, it's best to wait for their response. They usually respond within 24 hours.

As you may know, Moderators and Forums no longer handle appeals. For this reason, I'll be locking this thread now.

Thanks for your time.

Pixel Pengu 🐧

Minehut Moderator

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