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Species [OP Prison] | Recruiting Staff


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SPECIES | Beta Map

Species is a freshly new OP Prisons server unlike others! We thrive on improving each aspect of the server day by day, taking in community feedback and making a server that everyone can enjoy playing on. A few features would be: AutoMiner (w/ Leveling), Over 18+ Custom Enchants, Gangs, & much more!

Down below you will find information on the server & what we are looking for!



We are currently looking for new faces on our Staff Team! Applicants are required to fill out an application to not only give us more background on the applicant, but to also get to know each individual more before making a decision.

*Note: The starting position is Helper*

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

(( We plan on launching our BETA within the next week, so if this interests you, send a DM to @snufs#0001! 😄))


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stepping on legos 24/7

Discord --> @snufs#0001

OWNER of Species

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