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looking for a Skyblock (kinda) Skript


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Hello! I am looking for a skript which crates skyblock, but on land. More information:

/estate - creates a house (basically a skyblock island, but instead of an island it's just a house schematic)
/estate upgrade - opens a GUI to expand from 20x20, to 40x40, to 60x60, to 80x80 then finally to 100x100. (I just need a permission like estate.range.(number), and if you have estate.range.x you can build x wide and x tall.
/estate invite (name) - invites someone to your estate (allows them to build,break,interact,etc)
/estate top - shows the top 3 homes. (optional)
/estate reset - resets the schematic to the house. (max 3 resets)
/esadmin clearreset (player) - clears the reset amount of a player, (gives the 3 resets back)

Instead of spawning in a void, the house schematic spawns on land. The land is superflat.
More land information if possible to make:
Layer 4 - Grass (1 layer)
Layer 3 - Dirt (4 layers)
Layer 2 - Stone (4 layers)
Layer 1 - Bedrock (1 layer)

Permissions (If you can't add permissions, just remove the clearreset command):
estate.estate.* - access to all estate commands
estate.range.(number -> read line 2-3)

Need more information? ask in the comments.
Would like to make this for me? DM me on discord at lenn#3761

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