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Backup of 1.7 doesn't restore properly when downgrading then upgrading back



Awhile ago I decided to upgrade to 1.17, so I did.

Then, I feel like minehut 1.17 was unstable, so, I want to go back to 1.16.5

Before I changed the version, I made a backup of the 1.17 server using the minehut backup option.

Then I changed the version, spigot 1.17 to  paper 1.16.5

What's interesting is that when I changed the version back to 1.16.5 and get on the server, the world that I used to play is not there anymore, but I didn't mind because i thought i have a backup

Now I heard that minehut is more stable, so I want to restore back to 1.17

But the restore doesn't work, our world is gone.

Yes, the restore did happen, the server stopped, restarted, and went online, but when I join, the world is just not the one when I backed up.

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