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🧟☄️ Looking to expand the team of developers for Zombiecraft

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Zombiecraft brings the Call of duty zombies gamemode to Minecraft. It was originally created in 2011 as a mod and saw great traction for about a year. Unfortunetly it died soon after due to a team breakup. During its glorius year, the mod was played by famous youtubers such as CaptainSparklez (11 M), DanTDM (25 M) and Syndicate (9.8 M). Here is a video of CaptainSparlez playing zombiecraft in 2011:
Fast forward to today, Minecraft has expanded its customization abilities by a whole lot: data packs, custom user interface, custom items/blocks, great server plugin apis etc... It is now possible to do things that were previously only possible to make with mods.
The project
I'm rebuilding Zombiecraft in a vanilla Minecraft server. No mods required, no installs, just join the server and you're ready to kill some zombies.
I want to recreate Zombiecraft in vanilla Minecraft because I really like the zombies game mode from the original Call of Duty franchise. Having such a game mode in Minecraft brings creativity to it. Making it vanilla this time will make it more accessible. I think there is a pretty big niche out there that enjoys this kind of game. So far, no server has been able to achieve a true level of quality for a nazi zombies game mode with an active community and a strong server structure.
Where its at
Currently alpha version 0.7. Here are some of the implemented features so far:
  • Custom schematics reader/writer
  • A map making tool called the editor staff used to place and tweak gameplay mechanics such as:
    • Spawnpoint positions
    • Wall weapons
    • Mystery boxes
    • Perk machines
    • Barricades
    • Zombies spawners
    • Doors
    • Lighting
  • Custom UI Renderer
  • Custom interaction system
  • Hierarchical Dynamic Pathfinding - used to automatically link gameplay mechanics together such as which doors enable which spawners and which spawners are linked to which doors. This precompiled process happens during map publishing
  • Lobby/Arena management system
  • Gameplay system - rounds, zombie spawns, point system, hotbar management...
  • Custom zombies AI with functional barricade breaking
  • Guns such as the Raygun...
I'm a developer myself and I'm looking for other developers to join the team.
If you're interested and you really like this game mode join our discord server, message me and we'll organize a meeting together.
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