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fixed skript.

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Every 1.3 seconds:
    loop all players:
        reset loop-player's tab list header
        set loop-player's tab list header to "&f&lBoxk %newline%&fOnline players: &f%player count%&f/&f%maximum players%%newline%&fPing: &f%loop-player's ping%&fms &f+ &fTPS: &f%tps from the last minute%%newline%&8&l&m======================"
        set loop-player's tab list name to "%loop-player's display name%"
        set loop-player's tab list footer to "&8&l&m======================%newline%&f&lServer Address%newline%&bBoxk.minehut.gg%newline%&8&l&m======================%newline%&f&lBUYCRAFT%newline%&r&b[INSERT]"

Edited by Clayton1
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