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skRelease | Realistic Minecraft Beta v1.0

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Alright, so this is going to be one of my biggest projects. This is the first Beta release of my new Realistic Minecraft script. This will add tons of new features to your game, and I try to make it as bug free as possible. There is tons of custom crafting recipes, however as of now there is a few. If you can, I request feedback on this script mod. I included a Crafting Guide /cg additionally, for help, of course.

Thanks for having interest in my topic!

Disclaimer: This is only a Beta. This is a test for feedback, and to find out interests of the public. I want you guys to figure out everything for yourselves, see if you like it. It may not have many features now, but take note of the Beta in the title.


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My name is ItsRyleh, I have been scripting for about two or three years now, and I usually make simple and concise scripts for free. If you wish to contact me you can on Discord @ The Real Rick Astley#0001

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