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What server should i make?


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Hi there! I want to make a server but i have 0 clue what to make can you guys give me ideas? (And no, i wont make Gen or any other very overrated server types)

I used to play Minehut I guess?
Yeah, I still watch the forums for some reason. (15/5/2023)
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It really depends on what your goal is.

Goal - Server Type

Players - Free Op

Money - Gens/Prison

Praise - Any original server*

Friends - SMP

I've run both box pvp and free op, the first was good at keeping players but not very good at getting them and the second was amazing at getting players but bad at keeping them.

*My only somewhat original server was a recreation of popularmmos' lucky block challenge games but it failed horribly bc I couldn't get players to stay until the end of the matches, so be careful with original servers, they won't work out if you don't have the ad power to sustain them, back then I only had 3 alts so I couldn't advertise much at all, now I have 20-40 meaning I can constantly advertise, I reached 53 players at max with free op (no rank, no server plan).


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What is the largest free mh server you've seen?

16/5/21 - 53 was reached


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