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Minehut Market Team - Earthy (Charity Team)


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🌏Requesting 🌏

Builders / Developers for the Minehut Market.

  Developers: 4
  Builders: 0

Why Earthy? 🌏
  Earthy is a Minehut Market team dedicated to helping the environment. All profits our team makes will be directly donated to environmental charities. 🌲

How do you join?
  DM itskegnh#9344 with the following application format. We accept most, if not all applicants.

Application Requirements
  14+ and Eligible for a job in your country.
  Must have at least 1 skript or build to show.

Application Format
  MC username:
  Date of Birth:
  Proof of Work:



Minecraft Ranks
[DEFAULT] - 9th October 2020
[PRO] - 21st November 2020
[PATRON] - 27th October 2021

Python - 8 Years
C/C++ - 5 Years
Skript - 4 Years
Javascript - 3 Year
Java - 1 Year

Discord - kegnh#1234

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