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Minecraft Appeal


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  • Your Username
  • Platform you were punished on
  • Type of punishment
    Temp Ban
  • Punishment Reason
    'cheat detection
  • Why should we revoke your punishment?
    because i wasnt cheating at all. i was just doing some pvp in PithonPVP nether and i killed someone then they came back and tried to fight me again and in the middle of the fight i got disconnected and couldnt reconnect for 7 days. i think that it is totally unfair that i got banned because i was clearly not cheating. i hope we can sort this out :), i am really not the type of player who hacks and i think anyone who sees me play can conferm that i am not really good enough to be seen as a cheater, i wasnt 'comboing' or anything bc i dont know how. i was playing with 200 ping but in dont think that would make a differance.
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  • Additional Information
    i dont have any gameplay of me playing because my lapotop doesnt really handle that software with the game running, if it is needed for my case i can be under supervison or whatever.
  • also if there is anything i have missed i can add it i just really want to get back to playing the game. like is u need game files or something let me know.
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