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Sand Dupe machine



Me and my friend play your on a server which is owned by minehut which the server is only me and my other friends no random people and im just wondering why cant we destroy the end portal to make stuff like sand dupe machines and we cant make infinite tnt spawners becasue of the minehut  server doesnt allow it, it just doesnt work as if youve turned it off for everyone. Ive even tested it out for myself on my own single player worlds and the machines work but not on minehut. Any help in what to do? Like is there a plug-in i need to get?

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Minehut is hosted on a service called paper, which patches certain dupe bugs like the sand, concrete, and gravel dupe. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn this on, so sand dupers can't be used on Minehut, sorry.

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