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Script for bedrock and java player data to be linked...


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Hello, now that bedrock players can play a little more reliably on the Minehut servers, I am trying to do something I haven't seen anyone do yet.

I want to write a script that will allow for a player who normally plays on java edition, to be able to join on their bedrock version of the game, and join the same Minehut server and have the exact same player data that they had on their java account.

Although I have had help from one or two people on the Minehut discord. But that only got me a command to link accounts, which I have not figured out how to make work. 

If someone could please help me write a script to allow bedrock players to join in on my server and be linked to their java account, and be loaded into the game with the same player data as their java account, that would be really really helpful. And I need it to work vice versa as well. (if it has to involve commands than that is totally understandable, but I'm trying to make it command free and totally automatic)


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