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Can someone make me a Skript for Keycards?


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I was wondering if someone could make me a skript for keycards and a command to get the keycards. Lets say someone has a L1 keycard (maybe green glass pane?) then it could only open a stone button, and any higher keycards (l2, l3, l4 or l5) could all also open that. L2 could maybe open stone and oak buttons, but l1 couldnt, and l3, l4 and l5 still could. L3 could open stone, oak, and spruce buttons but l1 and l2 couldn't open spruce, but l4 and l5 could open all of them. This would keep going with l4 being able to open jungle and all lower, but not polished blackstone button because only l5 could open that. In this, L5 keycards could open stone, oak, spruce, jungle and polished blackstone buttons. I also want the command to get it to be like /keycard get l1 and would want to be able to have it so that you could also do /keycard get l1 (playername) or %player%. Thanks!

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