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how to remove potion effects using a command?


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I am trying to figure out how to make a command that does this:

command /teamone:


                             remove all active potion effects from player

                             wait 5 ticks

                             apply potion of strength I to player for 999 days


the line "remove all active potion effects from player" is where I am having issues, I don't know the proper syntax for that. I have tried milk player, other wordings, etc.. I have also tried execute console command /effect clear @p but that didn't work either.

improper indentation I know but it's just an example.

the purpose of this is to choose a team, and each team gives you a separate effect. if I could utilize tags or something to make it easier, that would be helpful. 

each team gives: strength I, fire resistance, jump boost 2, water breathing & resistance I, and night vision & speed I.

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@p cant be run through console cause the player selector wont trigger for the player via console.
if you wanted to do command: console command "effect clear %player%" would be the syntax.
You can also remove %potioneffect% from player's active potion effects
clear player's active potion effects

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