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This server sucks (My opinion)


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Hi guys. Im making this post about a server called miningdirt which in my opinion sucks

I have a few reasons for this

They use spam advertisers to grow

The owner is abusive

The owner breaks his own server rules

he permanently bans users because they give opinions on his server

Heres a few screenshots:

2021-02-27_18_04_29.thumb.png.61aef51e9a4ed12987e06c55924b7cfa.png2021-02-27_18_03_29.thumb.png.2d803c4302f0b6be526c43ba00429f33.png2021-02-27_18_02_39.thumb.png.de5d2b2dfb9fbe59d0ee9d6f1dcc410a.pngThis is NO hate against the server its just my opinion its bad. Please DO NOT show any hate to this server or owner.

Edit: the server got a new owner same as the previous one (ABUSIVE)


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