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Spawned with old inventory in creative, character wiped



So I was working on designing a server in creative. When I finished I wiped my inventory and set my gamemode to survival and played a few hours. When I log back on to check a few things:
1. My inventory is my last creative inventory (things like a single chain, a single lantern, a plank, a stair...)
2. I spawned back in creative mode, I did not have to set it. Just the double jump put me into flight.
3. All the maps I had placed in item frames were now gone (the server is not live with anyone except a play tester so I know they were not stolen)
4. All the world changes I made like cave exploration, placing items in chests, and building are still there.
5. All character achievements have been wiped
6. Map numbers while not wiped completely did randomly drop by about 200
7. My playtester and I was completely wiped of all armor, achievements, personal inventory, and levels except for items placed in the world

My first assumption was that it didn't save properly and had to roll back to a previous save, but then why are all the physical changes the most recent ones we made? I do not have plug-ins installed.

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5 hours ago, pizzaschut said:

Try to load one of you're backups at https://minehut.com/dashboard/backups of you're server this might fix it.

That was the first thing I did but nothing changed- I think the server must have saved while I was searching on forums about what to do. I realize that I probably won't be able to get that stuff back, I'm more concerned about making sure it doesn't happen again when I make the server live.

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