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Connecting Nintendo Switch players onto Minehut server?



Hi everyone!

I'm struggling a little bit of getting my switch to connect to my friend's Minehut server,

I tried changing DNS, followed a couple of youtube tutorials and tried putting in bedrock.minehut.com with 19132 and 25565 as ports but I havent gotten much progress. Most of the time I got "unable to connect", or there was no option to add a server.

Is there a way I can get more help on this??

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Geyser (the system used to connect Bedrock and Java servers) is broken at the moment, and there is little luck joining on platforms other than java. You can attempt to join using this information:

VERSION 1.16.201
SERVER IP bedrock.minehut.com
PORT 19132
DEVICES iOS, Android, Win10 

But I am not sure it will work, as Geyser might not even support Switch.


[PATRON] Echology


Sponk = Weeb


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