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CleanRPG Community Guidelines and Rules


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CleanRPG Community Guidelines and Rules

Listed below are rules for our Discord and In-Game.


Section A: Discord Rules

The following rules will apply for our Discord Server.


1. No NSFW/Inappropriate Content

a. We do not allow any NSFW/Inappropriate messages, pictures, gifs, or videos anywhere in our discord.

b. This also apply's for any NSFW/Inappropriate profile pictures or nicknames.


2. Don't flood Discord channels

This mean spamming using excessive caps, or flooding channels in our Discord. Spamming means

sending the same message over and over again, the reason this isn't allowed is because it is annoying and washes out

other people's messages. This also includes sending the same character(s), emojis, symbols over and over again.


3. Don't be disrespectful/toxic towards others

Do not be toxic nor disrespectful towards others, you are allowed to swear

but do not use this towards others in a bad way, if you do so you will get punished.


4. Misusing Channels

Misusing channels is using a channel outside of it's intended purpose. Meaning sending bot commands in #general

or sending media in #support. Most channels have a self-explanatory description.

If you don't understand the meaning of it don't hesitate asking any staff member what the purpose of the channel is.


5. No Advertising

You should not be advertising anywhere in our Discord channels that are not related to CleanRPG. This includes

DM advertisement same as any other type of advertisement, if you do so this will result in a mute or ban if using alts etc.

We also do not allow advertisement in Discord statuses, nicknames.


6. No Discrimination (Homophobia, Racism, etc)

You should not be discriminatory towards people of color, LQBTQ+, disabilities, etc. Doing so will result in a permanent mute

in our Discord server. We do this because we do not want people making fun of how people are different, respect everyone.


7. Misusing Voice Channels

Making loud sounds or playing them through our Discord bot is prohibited. These sounds can annoy others in voice channels. Doing so will result in you being voice muted. Any modifiers such as voice changers are allowed aslong as it doesn't annoy other. This also includesusing music bots to play earrapes, etc.


8. Arguing With Punishments

Arguing with staff about punishments is not allowed. The best thing to do is make a ticket in #reports. Once created the staff/moderator who gave you the punishment will talk to you.


9. Follow Discord's ToS

Please be sure to follow Discord's Terms of Services. We do not support using Discord if under 13 years, or if you don't follow any other part of the Discord Terms of Services.


Section B: Global Rules

The rules below apply for both in-game and our Discord server.


1. Punishment Evasion

Evading your punishment will result in your punishment being extended. Evading means doing something (Expect when you appealed and got unpunished) to bypass this punishment meaning using alt's to join when you got banned etc.


2. Disrupting the Community

Community disruption is an extremely situational offense. This means that depending on the situation, your punishment may vary. 


a. If a player is consistently causing arguments, being toxic and rude in the Discord, they may get muted, or even banned. 

c. If a player is constantly joining on alts, advertising competitors, and keeps returning, they may be blacklisted for it.


3. Botting

We do not allow botting on any of our platforms. Botting is when someone gets bot accounts, either on Discord or Minecraft, and they join our Discord/server and begin spamming, spam messaging players, etc. Another example of botting is if someone gets bot accounts to join Minehut and begin advertising in people's messages about joining our server and it gives us a bad look. This is not allowed and all bot accounts will be punished, along with whoever does it if we are able to find out. 


4. In Real Life Trading/Deals

Tades/Deals involving Real Life Money on our server is not allowed, if do so this may get you banned.


5. Misusing Reports

You should not make a ticket/report for a joke or so when you create a report get to the point immediately and we will get right with you. 

If you're misusing report this will result in a mute.


6. English

We ask you to only speak English in our Discord server as well as in-game (if possible). This is because most of our mods only speak English and it is hard to understand another language, if you're going to speak another language take this to private messages. If you can't follow this rule when a staff member has warned you before this might get you muted in both Discord and Minecraft.


Section C : In-Game Rules

These rules apply for our Minecraft server CleanRPG.


1. Hacking

Hacking is forbidden this includes any type of unfair advantage over other players,

however you're allowed to use an autoclicker but at maximum 10 cps if you can't follow this simply don't use an autoclicker. If you hack this may get you banned.


2. Bug Abuse/Exploiting

Bug Abuse/Exploiting is when someone finds a bug/glitch and uses it to get an unfair advantage over others, affects the gameplay, or if they continue when asked to stop by staff. If you do this this may get you banned or reset.


3. Stat Boosting/Farming

We do not allow you to use an alt to get you higher up in the game, this includes for afking mobs, etc.

This may get you banned/cleared.


4. Afking

Afking is allowed but do not use anything other than an autoclicker or macro, people might push you or steal your drops, we can't do anything about this, the mobs are for everyone and not for you only.


Section B: Communication Rules


1. No Spamming

We do not allow spamming meaning sending the same message/character/emoji/etc over and over again,

This annoy other people and washes/clears other peoples questions/conversations. This also includes excessive caps/symbols/etc.

This will get you muted most likely.


2. No Disrespect

Disrespecting players, staff or even the server is not allowed. Eventhough you might not like someone it is unnecessary to disrespect them, Expressing your hatred or dislike to another player or towards the server. It is uncalled and can cause unwanted drama.


3. No Inappropriate Behaviour

We do not allow speaking about NSFW, political, etc. in the chat. Alot of our players are younger and we do not want to expose them to such things. We also want to avoid unwanted drama that's why we do not allow political conversations.


4. No Threats or Suicidal Encouragement

We do not allow encouraging others to commit suicide, nor threatening to DDoS, Dox or kill others in real life.

This is not allowed because this is a violation of someone's privacy, security, and mental wellbeing. Doing so will get you a mute or ban and we might report you to minehut.


5. Discrimination

We do not allow discriminatory towards others about their religion, gender, sexual preference or people with disabilities. This is a violation of an individual's identity and will get you a 7 day mute for your first offense.


This document was created by CleanRPG Staff Team if you have any issues with it feel free to contact an Administrator.


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