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pleas some one help! nether wont turn hard




hey i have a problem with my healthbar not working properly and i cant set the nether to hard, and its stuck on peaceful. i tried typing /difficulty hard. and i tried typing /execute in minecraft nether: run difficulty hard 

what can i do to fix it? 

has it somthin to do with my plugins? i have ultimate timber and veinminer on.

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We also see this quite a bit. It does appear to not work for some users no matter what they try but I know if they change it on the panel they have to wait a few minutes for the changes to save and restart their server. To change it in-game they have to have OP and surprising that is the cause for a majority of issues.

I would personally suggest make sure the server is offline then change it, or get the multiverse plugin and set it with that.

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