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Any way to download a world without physically being there?


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My friend accidentally did /give @p firework_rocket 1000 and somehow crashed the server. Now, whenever we try to start the server, it will either say "sending you to (server name)" in chat, but not transport the player from the minehut lobby, say "cannot connect to a default or fallback server", or send the player to the server (where the chunks won't load, meaning that the items will not despawn), and crash shortly after, giving no time for the player to download the world. We've tried restarting the server, restoring to a previous version, and forcing it into hibernation and waiting a bit before attempting to start it again. However, we haven't tried repairing files, as I've heard that it can cause the terrain to be reset, nor have we tried resetting the world. Is there any way to download the world externally or fix this, or is a reset the only way out?

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Start the server (and don't join) go to the console and type "/kill @e[type=item]"

Also this is the wrong category to ask for help.

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