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Welcome to the Pumpus Media Application. We are looking for some capable individuals to create brilliant content for our server, with the aim of encouraging new players to participate and to keep our community engaged and entertained. We value the quality of our server and the capabilities of the people we hire, and because of this, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

YouTube Requirements
- 150+ subscribers
- 250+ views per video
- Appropriate content (Nothing discriminatory or similar, lenience with swearing)
- Good quality YouTube videos with no watermark
- Active Pumpus player
- Willing to make 3 videos on Pumpus per month

Twitch Requirements
- Twitch Affiliate with 200+ followers
- Consistent viewership, preferably 10+ viewers per stream
- Willing to stream on Pumpus, atleast 3+ streams per month
- Streams consist of appropriate content (Nothing discriminatory or similar, lenience with swearing)
- Active Pumpus player

If any other platform is used, then it will be evaluated by the Community Manager before a decision is made.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to an interview on our Discord server by our Media Manager (KoroSens#9298), where we will talk a bit more in-depth about the process. When looking out for potential candidates, we look for things such as: YouTube channel quality, server activity, reputation within the community etc. Please be patient when waiting for a response. Asking a staff member to have your application reviewed will result in an instant rejection. 


What is your IGN?

What's your Discord name and Tag? (Name#0000)

On what platform do you create content?

Provide a link to the channel(s) you create content on

How long have you been a community member for on Pumpus?

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