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Troubles with my servers multiple worlds and custom portals



Hello Minehut staff team!

Overview: I am in the process of making a vanilla survival and creative server for me and my close friends. For the last few days now, I have been tinkering ingame and in the dashboard, adding plugins, datapacks and creating multiple worlds all linked up to a lobby world with custom portals.

Issue: When I login to my server, I spawn in the survival world and everything is perfectly fine. Then I warp through the portal that takes me from Survival to Lobby. Once I'm in the lobby, everything is still perfectly fine. But once I warp back through the portal that takes me from Lobby to Survival, for some unknown reason, the survival world suddenly changes biome. Not world or seed, just the biome. The terrain stays the same and the buildings are still in tact, but the plains, beach and forest biomes surrounding the spawn point are oddly changed to an Ocean Biome, as in when I press F3, it says Biome: Ocean. And because of this, whenever I move and/or fly around, it suddenly begins to lag horribly! I drop to completely 0 frames every 5 seconds. But thats not all. When I tried warping back to the lobby, the lobby world is ALSO an ocean biome! and ALSO has lag. And no matter what I do, whether its relogging, refreshing my server lists, reloading chunks, or any of that stuff, the biome stays as ocean and the lag continues. Its only when I go into my dashboard and stop the server entirely, and then bring it back online, do the biomes change back to normal. But when I try to use the portals again, the biomes change again. 

Summary: I have multiple worlds in one server, which I believe is perfectly fine and should cause no problems at all, however when I try warping from one to another and back again, the biomes such as plains, forests and beaches all change into ocean biomes and it causes intense lag. If there is any explination, and/or fix to this problems, please reply to me at wumpismcgumpis@gmail.com

Thank you very much in advance, Im counting on you!

Kind regards,

- Wumpis


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