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(URGENT) Why can't I access my downloaded server world?



So, after a day of hard work, building on my server, I wanted to download it as a backup, but when I did /dl world and stuff, when I tried using the world file provided, I couldn't because an error told me it's an invalid file. THIS ISN'T AN ERROR ON THE /DL COMMAND, IT'S EXTERNAL. I don't know how to explain things and my english might be bad so sorry if u don't understand..

So, the error here is that the worlds I got from downloading, are ALL invalid and don't work. I tried putting it in the .minecraft/saves folder, but the world didn't show up in the list..

What can I do? There's only one /dl command in my server. ☹️

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4 minutes ago, dannyshmanny said:

yes. now pls tell me what to do..

Well I can't give you the instructions myself but I can point you to it: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/188559/how-do-i-convert-a-smp-server-world-into-a-single-player-compatable-world

This might not be it. I'm stepping out, it's over me.

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8 minutes ago, DonZekane said:

thanks, but instead, is there a way to back-up servers in minehut or is it something difficult or impossible, if you will? or maybe there is a plugin that does it? I don't like downloading and copypasting all the contents and re-uploading, it's a tedious task.., hey, why isn't there a 'download' option in the file manager of minehut? Heck, why ain't there a download BUTTON in the DASHBoARD??? I'M gOIN cRAZy 😑🤨🤔🤪

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