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Help i am Very bad at Skript And Need to Make A Conveyor Skript


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Hey Im Bloody Terrible at skript And I Want to Make a factory skript.

Where you place lets say a Brick Making Skript

You Click a Sign To Place Clay in The Conveyor it Goes ON the Conveyor Gets to the Middle part You click A sign In the Middle it turns it into a un cooked brick you get to the end It goes in a Furnace looking thing and you click another Sign and Boom it makes a Brick then that goes into the Chest at the end... I have seen this done With Command blocks a few Years back. And i wonder how Would i even start with something of this scale?

Can you Tell me how or like help me or something?

oh and i also want to try and figure out how in one area i limit the breaking of a Block to every 15-30 seconds



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