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Hi Gamers!


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Hello fellow Gamers!

I am Jef and currently me and my friends are working together to create a Project : Adventure Map
As of now we are most likely going through the midway of the story, yet we needed more fantastic ideas and manpower! 


We can't offer payments such as money but we can offer a solid friendship and a new environment-experience for everyone who is willing to lend us their hand!

We are in need of :
Builder :

Requirement : Knows how to build with different styles #NoAgeLimit

Story-Writer :

Requirement : Knows how to creatively imagine #NoAgeLimit

If you really want to hop on to the project, don't be afraid if you don't have the experience, make this as your stepping stone on getting the Experience! Me and my fellow friends would be gladly to cooperate and help for each and everyone!

PS : The main aim of this project is to give our fellow gamers a experience of 2-player new gameplay where they would encounter : Logic / Fight / Parkour / Puzzles and many other more genre
PPS : I would like this project to be like a little present for my Girlfriend coz she's having her debut(18th) this coming September, and after she played the map, we will open this for everyone!


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