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So, I've recently decided to switch over my server to the other slot. Since it was in a slot and I accidentally reset the whole thing (removing everything). My server has been running great, until these past few days. Whenever I start it up, it starts up perfectly fine just like any other server. But, when I log in, it decides to lag the whole server. I have tested this with WorldEdit by simply using my wooden axe to left click a block. When I do that, the block doesn't come back as it usually does. I have tried multiple ways to solve this problem. One way was to delete all of my plugins, the other way was to spam the "Repair Files" button repeatedly (not really, I just did it multiple times). I was also thinking to move my world over to the other slot because it was a map that me and my friend were working on for a while, and it would really suck to rebuild it all again. Whenever the server lags out, it sends me back to the lobby. leaving me with "Timed out". I haven't been able to solve this problem. I need help. 

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Usually Timed Out means its because of the persons ping. Try doing /gamerule randomTickSpeed 3. Sometimes when the randomtickspeed is high it can cause major lag on your server, I'd also recommend getting the plugin ClearLag just in case. 

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