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Update #1, #2, #3, and #4 - Patch Notes


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You guys might not know me really well, if you don't know me, I am Malakai (The owner of Elementics)! At the time right now (July 1st, 2019), we are working on a gamemode that most of you might know, known as KitPvP! We found major bugs on the minigame while developing the game, and some majority just the server, and it's listed down below! So yeah!

===========Update #4=================
July 12th, 2019

  •      Added a rank: [VIP]
  •      Fixed the bug where you don't spawn in the lobby! (MAYBE STILL BE WORKING ON!)
  •      Added barriers around kitpvp spawn (Temporaray kitpvp map).
  • Updated the store description.


============Update #3===============
July 11th, 2019


  •          Added stuff to the plugin scoreboard++ for  the scoreboard + tablist. still getting worked on.
  •          Added a few things to the Elementics lobby!
  •          Added a two way portals to the lobby (Lobby selector kinda) still getting worked on.

============Update #2===============
July 2nd, 2019


  •                     Prototybe (PTL) lobby has been created.
  •                     Added Prototype (PTL) lobby stuff (Barriers, etc..).
  •                     Added a board in front of the Prototype spawn.
  •                     Fixed holograms from disappearing.


===========Update #1================
June 24, 2019


  •             Added a KitPvP Temporary lobby (Until I setup a build team!)
  •             Added more stuff to the 3 elements (4th element is still not made)
  •             Added a mini lobby/limbo whenever you spawn in a different world besides the hub/lobby.
  •             Buycraft.net has been made for the Elementics Network!


Around June 5th, 2019; Is when the server "Elementics" has been created. The lobby was also made that day. Big thanks to Walmqrt for semi-helping me! 

If you found a bug, including these patch notes, go to: https://forums.minehut.com/topic/2154-guide-how-to-make-a-bug-report/ or go to the Bug Report tab!

-The Elementics Team!


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