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Something wrong with the world download.




I have recently been playing on one of the amazing free servers that minehut kindly provides. But the friend I played the world with decided not to play any more, so I decided to download the world and continue playing on my own. Everything worked fine untill I entered a nether portal that we had in our base, it seems that the nether did not pass on to the world download and that makes me upset. It seems like we did not enter the nether in our time playing because all of our tunnels and other nether proyects are gone, its a new nether.

I would like to know if there's any way to reverse this and have my nether back as well as our survival world. I downloaded the world using the /dl command in the server.

Thank you.

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The nether is considered a different world, so when downloading your world using the /dl command it only downloads the world you specified and not the connected worlds.

To see all the available worlds use /worlds


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