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Staff Applications Form

You must follow the application format and requirements below before applying!


Warning: Please read all information below before continuing.

▪️Make sure that your answers are detailed when needed as they decide whether you get accepted or denied as a staff member.

▪️If your new to the server please don't apply straight away we would like for you to have some more playtime so that you can understand the server and rules in greater depth.

▪️If you are accepted you will be notified on discord by a high member of staff saying that you got accepted. We ask for your patience as we won't read applications everyday and there may be some delay getting through all of them.

❌ If you lie about your application it will be denied.
❌ You must be able to have a recording software to catch hackers/rule breakers.
❌ You must be in the discord. If not please join now https://discord.gg/VyxUU83 If you are not in discord you'll be denied.
❌ If your application is not filled out properly it will be denied instantly.

▪️Best of luck BurntHell Staff Team.
Due to the list of requirements being quite small, we are extremely strict on those that are given.


Staff Applications Format (copy and paste)

Write YES if you have read the requirements. To prove so, how many punishments should you have:

What is your Ign?
Minecraft name.For example DespondentToast.
What is your discord name and tag? 

How old are you? 

What level/prestige are you?

What is your timezone? 
Check here ---> https://everytimezone.com/ if unsure.

Are you able to record proof/evidence?

How many hours a week can you contribute?

Why do you think you'd be a good staff member?

How long have you played on the server?

Any final details about yourself you'd like to add?


Click here to apply

Manager DespondentToast

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Ign |  Bayest

Discord tag | Bayest#8369

How old are you | 16 Years Old

What level/prestige are you | The server is beta so i'm just level 3

What is your timezone | My timezone is UTC+2 (10:00 A.M Righting this post)

Are you able to record proof/evidence | Yes.
How many hours a week can you contribute | Probably 20-80 Hours a week!

Why do you thing you'd be a good staff member | I spend 7-8 hours of my day everyday dedicated to playing on minecraft i'm a loyal person i don't join a server and leave straight away i get to know the rules and ways of a server before leaving i'm a nice guy i don't like to get into arguments i like to control the situation and find ways to resolve them i'm tolerant when it comes to arguments so if i have my opinion i'm gonna say it without hesitation. i try my best on server to get along with people and also try to increase the community as much as i can. I can do scripts i made some scripts like generators with timers and floating items and floating texts and custom commands and stuff like that i can do custom armor and tools effects sounds and a lot more i can help a lot with scripts!

How long have you played on the server | As i said the server is beta it's completely new server and i actually don't know how to check your timeplay 😞

Any final details about yourself you'd like to add | Nope, i don't have any thing else to say! just hope you respond soon!



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