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A hacker joined our server even though it was unlisted and destroyed our buildings



I run a survival server with a couple friends and all was good until today where someone by the name of TacticalSpoon331 (here's the NameMc page: https://namemc.com/profile/TacticalSpoon331.1) and he was using multiple hacks such as Flight, Killaura, Chest Stealing and Speed. He would take all of the items out of our chests and purposely kill himself in lava. The player destroyed many of our buildings (as seen in the screenshots). For some reason, my operator status was removed, and I no longer had access to the account that owned the minecraft server, so we had to turn the server on via the Lobby. Me and one of my other friends went on hacked clients to try to fight the hacker but they seemed to have a paid version of hacks since they were bypassing the flying restrictions. The hacker eventually left, but not without doing major damage to our buildings and wiping our inventories. If Minehut can set our server back to an earlier version before today and that our server be unlisted. T2020-06-11_21_47_18.thumb.png.6b85d1b34ea1bc1e397554194a2e0e89.pnghen that will be greatly appreciated. I will message staff members the ip of the server if necessary.





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Also, make sure to have your server whitelisted. So other players cant come on the server that you don't know. Watch this video to know how to do it.



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