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  1. @AttendantFox I just tried that. Still to no avail ;(
  2. I had a server that me + my friends were playing on. No mods, no plugins, no extra files, just plain ol' survival. All of a sudden, 3 days ago, as I attempted to activate the server (bigoof145.minehut.gg) I could not start the server. Although the server was activated, whenever, I pressed start, the server status would stay on "starting..." ( as in the image) and would not go online, even after I waited for 20 minutes. I now for a fact we haven't gone over the "max" capacity of 20 ppl and that we have no mods or anything externally. I'd really like some help on what to do. My friends and I were decently far into this server and the server was finally starting to get good when it crashed. Please help if you can, anything would be appreciated!
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