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  1. even after i do that, it says starting world import, and then it says failed
  2. Heres the thing, i joined my server today at IST 12 am from 1.17, and new blocks actually generated in unexplored chunks. I saw deepslate and geodes too, so somehow my server has updated to 1.17. The issue is that after having uploaded the world I can't teleport to it, this porblem occured before for another world i tried to upload but then i didnt take it up here and let it go. Whenever i try to go to the world that i uploaded, it says in chat "This world doesn't exist", so please help me get around that issue. Regards, Arrs1803
  3. So right now, minehut has updated to 1.17 and I was finally able to join my server, but there is one issue I am encountering. I want to upload a world to the server and I have done this successfully, but when i try to teleport to that world, it says "That world does not exist". This is an issue for which I haven't found any solution online. Could anyone help me to teleport to the new world I just uploaded please? Also just to clarify, the world folder is not corrupted or anything of the sort, I used the same folder to play in Single-player and it works, its just that after uploading to minehut
  4. And when would that be, approximately?
  5. So we have all been anticipating the release of the Minecraft 1.17 update, and it is finally here. My question to the Minehut forums is, when exactly will minehut update servers to 1.17 (and pls dont say as soon as possible or some uncertain time, pls specify a date so we can be ready for it). We have been witing a long time and would like to make the changes and find new things in our servers on Minehut as soon as possible. Regards, Arrs1803
  6. How would I know that my appeal has been accepted or rejected? Would I receive a mail on the ID that I signed into this account with, or what? Or will it be posted somewhere on these forums?
  7. A week!? That's so long, is it somehow possible to reduce this time period??
  8. So recently I was banned very randomly while playing, saying that I've been banned forever for BOT, whatever that means... I have worked very hard on two SMPs and even reached the highest tier of Godlike pickaxe on Bytemines after a week of hard grinding of 2-3 hours a day. No actions I performed should have marked me as a bot for any reason. In any case, I recently appealled here on the forums (Player Appeal) and I wanted to know how long it would generally take for the appeal to be processed and the time it would take for me to take back the account if my appeal is accepted?
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