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  1. Username:MCTalon1 What punishment did you receive: Ban Was the punishment fair: Nope Why should you be unpunished: Fastbridge isnt a hack, Neither is dragclick, I used dragclick to bridge, Unfortunately I didnt record with a handcam but I can show I can dragclick, I was on optifine What were the events that led to your punishment: Me being a breezily+ godbridger Additional comments: SS, Not screenshare but staffstupid
  2. Hannex321

    Server's Crash

    So I joined this server 2 weeks ago,And it has been crashing a lot lately, It has a lot of ram,it just lags, And stops the server Is there anything to prevent this? I have been grinding on this specific server for 8 hours and I was trading with a villager...The server stopped and I have thrown my item I wanted to trade...And when I got back, its gone....
  3. *Mcouah* perfect server mmhhyes yes join dis server I will lick your feet if you don't you ungrateful happy nice boi,if you don't join you are a dumbo I cant say badwords here Frick
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