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  1. hmm it seams to be in a weird order but idk how
  2. New update I have this:rankup.sk and I gave each rank the correct perm but it skips from emerald to epic+ and there is no reason for the some please help
  3. Hello, I would like to request a rankup skript I have been working on one fore almost two weeks yet I cannot seem to make it work I will list the ranks and cost below thanks in advanced p.s. I already have a skript I made for /rank just message me fore the details on how it works so it can be used for this skript -summiner spark - 5k spark+ - 10k emerald - 20k emerald - 40k lord - 65k lord+ - 100k myth - 170k myth+ - 250k epic - 400k epic+ - 650k knight - 1m knight+ - 1.8m
  4. Hello I’m new to the club could you tell me what you do on your server?

    1. summiner


      I'm sorry but we are currently moving grassgens to a new survival server we may create a gen server later on sorry for the late command -summiner

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