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  1. Yes, this applies to everyone. Everyone with a Minehut account has been Pwned.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a question. Also, I am not a Minehut staff member. Remember that staff members will never ask for your password, and that the developers are working to keep your account secure. ALSO NOTE: EVERY Minehut account has been effected by the breach. This was a system-wide breach. So, what happened? On September 17, 2019, a data breach for Minehut has been announced by Have I been Pwned. Those who use a similar service should have received an email about the breach. According to Have I been Pwned, only email addresses have been breached. However, we can not be sure that password weren't effected. Try with these steps to secure your account: Change your password Make a strong, unique password Stop using the same password Start using a password manager like LastPass Even if you do not use your account anymore, reset your password for your safety. For more information, please view a report summary on Firefox Monitor.
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