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  1. I have recently created an SMP server, found at /join SMPGrove This is a friendly SMP with anti griefing, no duping or exploiting, and no advanced players as of now (I mean, as of posting, no players at all, so-); you needn't worry about being behind. Looking for staff members; not 'hiring,' per say, as the server lacks sufficient funds. This would more be considered volunteer work, or a pass time. As such, there is no 'requirement' or quota. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6GDR22kxfa
  2. Hello there, the name's Phia, and I'm a player who discovered Minehut, oh, half a year ago? I'm 15, turning 16, pronouns she/her. I love the idea of a community like minehut, and I'm excited to see what we can all accomplish together! Minecraft IGN: CallMePhia Discord tag: CallMePhia#6761
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