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  1. Multiples Ban Appeal Format Click here to start your appeal. Here is the current ban appeal format; copy and paste into a new thread, and fill it in to appeal: • IGN: • Screenshot of Ban Message: • Name of staff who banned you (if you recall): • Why should you be unbanned?: Please allow up to 3 days for a staff member to reply. Do not ask a staff member to reply to your ban appeal.
  2. Multiples Moderator Application Format If you do not meet our requirements (15+ years old, 2+ hours of playtime, access to our Discord server, ability to record, and working microphone), you will be instantly denied. Do not ask a staff member to read your application! (This will result in automatic denial) Click here to start your application. Here is the current moderator application format; copy and paste into a new thread, and fill it in to apply: 1 - Basic Information - • Minecraft Username: • Previous Minecraft Usernames [Use NameMC.com]: • Age: • Country of Residence: • Timezone: • Do you have access to our Discord server? [https://discord.gg/CUBJV8M]: • Discord Username [EX: BreakfastDeliqht#0801]: • Do you have a working microphone?: • How much time can you contribute to the role?: • Do you have any past staff experience? If so, explain in detail what you've done: • What is your current playtime on the server? [Check in statistics in your ESC menu]: • Have you ever been banned or punished on the server?: • Any other information we need to know about you?: 2 - Scenarios - • Suppose that someone is spamming racial slurs in the chat. What would you do?: • Suppose that someone were to be flying around and using kill aura. People are yelling at you in chat to do something about it. What do you do?: • Suppose that someone were to be advertising in chat. What would be your first response?: 3 - Letter of Understanding - If you do not sign the Letter of Understanding below, you will be automatically denied. I, (insert IGN here), do acknowledge that I can be removed from the staff team at any point, I hereby understand that if I have lied about anything on this application, that I will not have a chance at being staff after this point. I understand that I can not ask staff to read my application. I acknowledge that I am not able to reapply until 3 days have passed since being denied. Sincerely, (insert IGN here).
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