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  1. Hello GenVibes, If you would like to apply for the staff team, you may do it in 2 ways. 1. Discord: discord.gg/GzGJcaK 2. You may apply here on the forums and answer the following questions in a post. - IGN - Age (13+) - Why do you want to be staff? - Have you been a staff before? - Scenario: On the first day of you being staff, you saw a person use hacks. What would you do? (PS: you don't have ban perms when you are helper) - Scenario: A well-known player gets banned from the server. They keep DM-ing you and all of their friends also. What do you do? -Will you abuse staff? - Will you give fair length punishments? - Will you argue with any other staff? - Extra Info (Optional) Once you complete your app please do not mention it in public chat but message a staff member. Thanks! -BuggyAl
  2. Hi, I have used Shopkeepers on a few servers since 1.15 came out and whenever I spawn a shopkeeper they always face south and dont turn. Can you please fix this? It gets annoying to try and make all shops face south. Thanks! -BuggyAl
  3. Hello there! I am here to request a plugin called AutoShutdown. It is a plugin that allows you restart your server at timed intervals. The plugin link is https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/autoshutdown?gameCategorySlug=bukkit-plugins so you can look at that. Have a good day!
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