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  1. Minecraft Username:Skeppyys Discord Name:Unkown#6315 Age:13 Timezone:Arabian Standard Time Can you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)? No ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have a microphone? yes i do Do you have the ability to record? yes i do ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why are you applying for staff on Atroisty?: i would love to help the server out and to be the best server on minehut it fun being a staff on atroisty Skyblock. What makes you a better applicant than others? To Be Honest I Dont Know Do you have any previous experience if so what?:yes,I was previously Admin on SkyMinePvp, a SkyMining server quite similar to Atroisty. It was a small server but had a constant player count before its first shutdown. SkyMinePvp was the first server I’ve become staff on, gaining experience along the way as I’ve started from Trial-Mod to Admin How much time will you be able to contribute to being staff? Note: My activity can vary depending on the situation I’m going through or any related personal problem that has occurred. I Can Be Online In atroisty At Least For 2hrs Depends On My Homework or Other Stuff What would you class as your biggest strength? I would say my greatest strength is working well with others, being able to communicate and work as a team player. I easily cooperate with the people I’m around with, staff and including the players. I work well with the community, being reasonable and understandable and yea . . . What activities do you do outside of minecraft? Probably Play Other Video Games Like Plants Vs Zombies battle for neighborville or Agar.io SomeTimes I Hangout With My Friends Have you been banned on any servers if so what? I Have Been Banned From Hypixel For Hacking Along As Killura.Reach i was young back then i didnt know how to pvp How do you think the community would feel about you being staff? They will congrats me being staff on atroisty and feel better ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you be able to do a voice interview? no Will you be able to come to staff meetings? yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other/Notes: No -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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