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  1. Question 1: What is your username? Answer : Alistersoup. Question 2: How old are you? Answer 2: I prefer not to say but if required sure. Question 3: What is your discord tag? Answer 3: @Spy (Alistersoup)#1490. Question 4: What is your timezone? Answer 4: PST. Question 5: How are you different from other staff? Answer 5: I play on the server a TON and could play for 6 hours a day. Question 6: How much time do you have on the server? Answer 6: I don't know because the leaderboard of most playtime seems to have broken, so I think around 10. Question 7: What made you want to apply? Answer 7: I wa
  2. I need help to find the owner of squaredupe because whenever I join, My game crashes
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