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  1. Hi, sorry I saw this post a month later but are you still looking for people to play with because I would be glad to join. I also agree to all the anti grieving stuff. If you already have enough people, that's fine too.

    If I can join send me a dm on discord (CaptainEwok#6396)

  2. Can I join? Cuz I play everyweek and sometimes everyday and I don't grief, I also have discord


  3. SagetheLeaf

    SMP group

    I want to make a small smp group to play with. I don't want to post to the discord and end up getting a bunch of people who don't want to actually play together or just want to destroy whatever others build. It's hard to find a group that wants to play together and I really want to find one that does because that's the whole point of playing multiplayer in the first place. It would be traditional survival with maybe a few quality of life plugins like quick leaf decay. I don't much care for land claims since it forces everyone to build farther away from each other so it has to be people t
  4. SagetheLeaf

    Teleport Home

    Are there any plugins to allow set home commands and tp home?
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