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  1. Was just wondering what I can do in the spigot.yml file for my server. Anything super useful in there that I should know about? Thanks in advance!
  2. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO USE PAPER.YML DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction: The “paper.yml” document is a very useful server config file that can do a wide variety of things. It can enable patched glitches that you may want to use, it can be tweaked to reduce some potential server lag, and it can even give your server anti-xray. Of course, it’s not necessary to mess with any of it, but it’s got some cool things packed in there! Getting started: If you don’t know how to find the file, it’s located in the “File Manager” tab for your server. It’s one of
  3. Don't believe you'll be able to retrieve your inventories sadly. Perhaps you can download the other world, and upload the playerdata to try and get it back, but don't think that's possible.
  4. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q How to use AuctionHouse REQUIREMENTS: Vault and economy plugin (ie. EssentialsX) DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction: Make sure you have Vault and an economy plugin like Essentials installed first! AuctionHouse is a gui market plugin that allows players to put any items up for sale that others can buy. With this plugin people no longer have to meet up, or head over to a person's shop to buy/sell something! It's all in the global menu that anyone can open through a simple command. Getting started: To view all of the current item
  5. Might have to make sure you're op'd first. To get op: Go the the server dashboard on the website Click "Edit Server" for a server Click on the "Appearance" tab if it doesn't automatically send u there Under "Server Command" enter in "/op <user>" But I'd also make sure command blocks are enabled in the "Settings" tab for your server as well. Hope this helps!
  6. Best to whitelist your server with "/whitelist on" so that nobody can join unless you added them into the server. To add a friend or anyone you want in, just do "/whitelist add <user>" and they can get in.
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