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  1. Join with the ip BelugaEpic.minehut.gg
  2. https://imgur.com/a/lriAudd
  3. Suggest an idea for the server!
  4. Please state your IGN next time. Locked
  5. Do not spam bug reports or you will be BANNED from the server IGN ScreenShot of the bug
  6. options: version: 1.0 prefix: &7[&6Name&eEditor&7] noperm: &cYou are not allowed to do this! perm: ne.* command /ne [<text>] [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is not set: message "&f&l&m----------------------" to player message "&6&lName Editor" to player message "&eMade by BelugaMC" to player message "" to player message "&6/ne setprefix <player> <prefix>" to player message "&6/ne setsuffix <player> <suffix>" to playe
  7. HE'S RUSSIAN MONKE SPY!!!1!!!111!!!1!!
  8. Rules: No swearing or using slurs Be nice No spamming Have fun!
  9. # Made by BelugaMC # Warn Section options: Prefix: &7[&bWarns&7] command /warn [<offlineplayer>] [<text>]: permission: punish.warn permission message: &4ERROR: &cInvalid Permission! trigger: permission message: &4ERROR: &cInvalid Permission! trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is set: send "{@Prefix} &bYou have been warned for: &c%arg-2%" to arg-1 send "{@Prefix} &bWarned &c%arg-1%&r for: &c%arg-2%" to player add 1 to {%arg-1's uuid%.warns}
  10. /spawn skript i made SKRIPT: # Made by BelugaMC on join: teleport player to {spawn} on death: teleport player to {spawn} options: Prefix: &7[&b&lBeluga&3&lGens&7] Perm: belugagens.setspawn PermMessage: &cNo permission! command /setspawn: permission: {@Perm} permission message: {@PermMessage} trigger: set {spawn} to location of player send "{@Prefix} &aSet spawn at &2%{spawn}%" to player command /spawn: trigger: wait 1 seconds send "{@Prefix} &
  11. BelugaMC

    Where is TPA?

    you could also use skript for tpa
  12. command /clearlag: permission: clearlag permission message: &6[ERROR] &rYou do not have permission to execute this command! trigger: broadcast "&7[&6SERVER NAME&7] &4%player% &cis Clearing all entities in 5 seconds!" wait 5 seconds execute console command "/execute run kill @e[type=!player]"
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