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  1. Good response, Just like the rest of your posts, Vague with no info and utterly pointless.
  2. this is why i started making fun of you with "-1" You just say -1 with absolutely no input and moan about the stupidest things, Server browser, server finder, Who cares? they both mean the exact same thing. So let me ask you, Why is this a -1? what part of this is bad enough to not be implemented. or was you just being a child?
  3. I get bored alot and decide to just join random servers, its so frustrating when over half these servers whitelisted, I don't see a point in putting them on the server finder, people who are whitelisted would just do /join anyways.
  4. jar files have hundreds of different classes, to modify an error message its not as simple as just changing a text string, modifying a jar file takes alot of effort just to do it on the normal desktop, Implementing that it into a browser would be impossible.
  5. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skript-mirror.254/ There's the link, Its the same as skript but allows you to write it in java, because of this if you know java you can explore alot more features and make more advance scripts and etc. Would be a big help if you added it, Thank you. EDIT: i was looking at over suggestions to see if this one would get accepted and i realised you might go on the website, see that it says supported up to 1.13 and just deny my request. However, This plugin does work on 1.14 as nothing was added/removed that would make it stop working. I made a private server just to make sure and it works fine.
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