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  1. Is there a way to allow players with non premium versions of the game to join?
  2. papagajptica

    Download the world

    Hi, so I want to download the world on my server to have backups and test things in singleplayer, but however when I try to do /dl world it downloads only the overworld, it's because if you go into the server files on the dashboard, the overworld is in there with the nether and end. I want to download them all, is there a way to do that? Like is there a command to do it?
  3. yeah but there must be a permission to give it, right?
  4. I can build in it fine, there is a 2x2 chunk area at spawn that only I (the op) can build in
  5. Hey on minehut I cam /dl to download the world becuase I am op, what is the permission to give to someone so they can do it? What plugin has the /dl command, I am using permissionsEX
  6. yes, the one found in the server.properties file
  7. See the thing is that I dont use plugins that enable spawn protection
  8. Hi I have a vanilla+ survival server that I play with my friends and there is spawn protection for 4 chunks at spawn, which is a problem because they want to build there but they dont have op, I am the only administrator that does all the work with plugins and stuff. How do I remove spawn protection, I know the way in server.properties but as we all know minehut doesn't allow us to edit it. Any other way?
  9. So my server is set to auto save on its own, but I find that when I type /save-all every time before I log off it shuts itself down and doesn't save, when I type /save-on it says autosave is already on. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. papagajptica

    Datapacks help

    that's what I thought the answer was... I want to use about 8 or 9 datapacks to make the game a little bit easier/more interesting for me and my friends since we are playing vanilla+ so that would take a reeeeeaaaaaallly long time
  11. papagajptica

    Datapacks help

    So is there an easy way to add datapacks to my server , I have the .zip files downloaded on my pc and the admin said to me that I should be able to upload them to the datapacks folder but when I try it says that .zip is not a supported file type that can be uploaded?
  12. papagajptica


    that is what I thought and started doing it but I want to add about 8 or 9 datapacks... so I gave up eventually
  13. papagajptica


    Hello , I am playing vanilla+ survival with my friends and I wanted to add some datapacks that make our game a little bit more convenient such as when 1 player goes to bed the night is skipped. I tried asking the admin and he said that I should just be able to upload the .zip in the datapacks folder but when I try to upload it it says that .zip is not a supported file that can be uploaded. Is there any way that I can add datapacks to my server?
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